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Dorset Fast Response Motorbikes



  • During covid transporting urgent medical supplies. 

  • We still offer this service and that can be from delivery of prescription medicines directly to the patient or care home, or to other urgent medical supplies needed at hospitals.

  • We have been involved with various public events helping the police in traffic management and marshalling events that take place on the public roads.

  • We have at times assisted the police at roadside incidents in order to help clear stranded cars to help the traffic flow.

  • Worked with our local schools where unsafe parking has been a problem.

  • We are often involved in wide load escorts to help at junctions and roundabouts that cause concern.

  • We are also committed to trying to educate motorbike riders in adopting a safer riding approach and we support the police bike safe programme and recently have started a YouTube channel on rider observation stills and reducing motorcycle accidents 

Two fast response motorbikes
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